Every Day is the 1st of January

When will you change your life?

You have all the planners, all the motivational quotes, all the apps, all the requisite support.

Yet you hesitate. You put it off.

But hey, don’t doubt yourself.

It is not that you are lazy. Or unambitious. Or incapable of pursuing something to it’s logical conclusion; to it’s success.

It’s simply because, to use the words of a famous quote: you are afraid of your own greatness.

You ask yourself who am I to deserve it?

Well, who are you not to?

You are just as worthy of success, happiness and fulfilment.

Every single one of us has a purpose, has a gift to present to this world and it does not serve us to hold ourselves back.

I, you, we don’t want to look back at the end of our lives and feel regret at what could have been- what would have been if we had just gotten out of our own way.

2019 is winding down- packing it’s bags to usher in another 365 days which, eventually, will give way to another year.

Many (or perhaps too few considering how time flies) sunrises and sunsets later that, too, will leave. And leave you wondering if you had made any difference; moved forward towards better things for yourself and your loved ones.

Whether the you of this year is a much better human being than the you of twelve months ago.

Changing your life does not require much fanfare. No fireworks displays are needed, nor new planners or diaries; no celebratory parties.

Not even loud, adrenalin fueled proclamations that henceforth you will no longer do a, b and c. That from now on you are someone who undertakes d, e and f.

It doesn’t require a fresh new Monday or a life-changing catastrophe for you to step up.
It does not require a specific date in the calendar or a first thing tomorrow morning or a new device or gadget.

It can be done right here right now; before you are ready even because guess what? Counting on perfect conditions and circumstances will have you waiting for the rest of what remains of your life.

All it needs is an intention, faith in the Almighty and a little self love.

After that, any day can be the 1st day of January.

Sunset. Photo Courtesy of salwa.swaleh.ashur on Instagram.

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I am a mother of three, born and bred in Mombasa, Kenya. I am passionate about books, writing, healthy living and getting people to see the best of themselves. Especially getting people to see the best of themselves.

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