10 Simple Rules To Live Life By

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When you think about it, life is not too complicated. It might just be that we humans have made it unnecessarily so.

If we lived by certain simple rules then many of our troubles would cease to exist. Or they would, at least, diminish in size.

These rules may be simple and straightforward but not easy at the best of times.  However, they set boundaries for ourselves and our lives that, perhaps otherwise, people would seek to overstep them. More importantly, these simple rules work!


Say What You Mean

Speak the truth. Speak your truth. You will sleep better at night. You will have more respect for yourself. Sure, sometimes brutal honesty is uncalled for but you get the idea. Speak the truth. Tell it like it is.  Always say what you mean but don’t say it meanly.

Be Courteous

Politeness and good manners will endear you to many. No one wants to be around a boorish Neanderthal who has appalling manners and who thinks only of himself. So make your Mama proud and practise common courtesy.

Less is More

Live with less. No, really. Think about it. After a roof over your head, wholesome food, your friends and family there is not much else you need. All the stuff we buy that clutters our homes and drain our energy are a waste. Of our resources and our mental clarity. Not to mention their impact on the environment.


Give. Share your self.  Make a difference in the world. Leave your legacy. Live such that people will miss you when you are not around. Contribute such that they will pray for you when you are gone.


If you have nothing else to give then share your smile and brighten someone’s day. I promise you your own day will start looking up. If you feel there is nothing to smile about (there always is) then stretch your mouth until you get there. Your mood will improve and you will feel better.

About Food

Eat lots of green leafy stuff and less of the other foods. Human beings need just enough for their brains to function and their bodies to prosper.  Food, no matter how good looking or sweet tasting, is still poison in excess. Some is just poison. So practise mindful eating and learn to distinguish physical hunger from eating out of boredom.

Move More

We were not meant to be sitting down hunched over our desks and or our devices. Straighten your spine and move! Walk outdoors, swim in the ocean, ride a bike, jump for joy! Your energy will sky rocket and you will age more gracefully.

Say No.

Firmly. Without apology,  without a doubt, without second guessing yourself.  You always know when it’s best to exercise your NO muscles. Your gut will tell you. Especially when you are being manipulated.

Say Yes!

To yourself, to opportunity, to love, to great health and to joy!  Enough Said.

The Best For Last

Have Faith. Pray to your Lord and Creator. Believe in Him. Then believe in you.
Do you have rules you live your life by? Please share them in the comments below.
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