Tomorrow I will go see her

To myself I say
Tomorrow I will start that task
I have another day

Tomorrow knocks on my door

Finds me still asleep
With my eyes wide open
In trivialities
I am drowning: am in deep
In love with the unimportant
The nonsense I am determined to keep

Tomorrow I will be happy

Tomorrow I will rest
Tomorrow I will go for that walk
I promise I will do my best
Tomorrow I will hug my children
I know soon they will leave the nest.

Tomorrow knocks on my door

Announcing the demise
Of she I meant to visit
Now, alas! She is no more.
Tomorrow sends a message
Slow down it says
Breathe, take a break
Live! Let your spirits soar.

Tomorrow creeps in quietly

Without warning- with stealth
While you aren’t watching
Steals your youth
Your vitality
And your health

Tomorrow offers hope

While today offers more
A chance to do right, plan
Why choose to miaow
when you can roar?

Tomorrow deceives you

While today offers it’s hand
Give it it’s due
You shall see
You shall understand
tomorrow was today
you chose to ignore.

Photo Courtesy of @hash.2016 on Instagram.

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Would It Kill You?

Would it kill you
To apologise, to show remorse?
Would it demean you
to humble yourself,
To show weakness?
Would it take away
from your dignity
To make clear your intentions?
To speak with truth and integrity?
Would it make you
less of a champion, less of a leader
To defer, to consult, to give in?
Would it kill you
To say I was mistaken, I don’t know
Show me?
Would it be beneath you
To come clean, accept the inevitable
And do the honorable thing?
Would you sleep better
If you were always right
Always have the upper hand
Always telling us so?
Would it kill you,
To consider us –
Mere simpletons –
Worthy of your time, your respect,
Your consideration?
Would it kill you,
To do unto us
what you would have us
Do unto you?
Would it?
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay
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