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Would It Kill You?

Would it kill you
To apologise, to show remorse?
Would it demean you
to humble yourself,
To show weakness?
Would it take away
from your dignity
To make clear your intentions?
To speak with truth and integrity?
Would it make you
less of a champion, less of a leader
To defer, to consult, to give in?
Would it kill you
To say I was mistaken, I don’t know
Show me?
Would it be beneath you
To come clean, accept the inevitable
And do the honorable thing?
Would you sleep better
If you were always right
Always have the upper hand
Always telling us so?
Would it kill you,
To consider us –
Mere simpletons –
Worthy of your time, your respect,
Your consideration?
Would it kill you,
To do unto us
what you would have us
Do unto you?
Would it?
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay
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