The Difference.

There is a lot of pain, hurt and confusion in the world right now.

A lot of despair, defeat and desperation.

There is much need, neglect and negativity.

Much injustice and unfairness.

Much to feel anxious about, worry over and lose sleep because of.

I, personally, feel helpless and powerless in my more reactive moments.

By the Almighty’s Grace I snap out of it and think:

I am neither helpless nor powerless.

I get to choose.

We all get to choose.

Even in times of harrowing circumstances we get to choose.

We can choose to make it better:

We can make it better by wanting for our brother what we want for ourselves.

By walking in his shoes for a little while.
Showing empathy.

Stopping. Looking people in the eye and expressing genuine interest.

Learning to listen.

Learning to listen with the intention to understand.

Showing gratitude.


Walking in someone else shoes for a while (yes, I know I already said that but it bears repeating)

Leaving judgment in the garbage bin to which it belongs.

Saying a prayer for them when saying a prayer for yourself.

Lending a hand. Offering an ear.

Keeping your shoulder for someone’s tears.

And sometimes?

Sometimes your silence is all that someone needs.

Not your advice, not your tissues, just your presence.

Your full wholehearted presence.

Sharing a meal.

Being generous with your smile.

Giving seventy excuses for those behaving out of character or within it for that matter.

And for yourself?

Quiet precious moments with your Lord with your forehead on the ground.

A walk in fresh air pausing to smell the coffee, the roses or whatever scents make you happy.

A pledge to not dwell on the negative for longer than is necessary.

And to let go.

To let go of what you cannot change.
To release the need for control and to influence outcomes.

To trust in the Almighty’s Plan.


There is still pain, there is still suffering a few steps from your doorstep- indeed perhaps within your own walls.

But the difference?

The difference is……..

You have made it better, you have made it more bearable for others……..

and yourself.

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