What Baggage Will You Be Leaving Behind in 2022?

We all know of that one person who will complain all the way about how much he hates his job, his racist boss, the commute, his deadbeat co-workers and yet will stay there for fifteen plus years. It never occurs to him, perhaps, that there is always a choice. For as long as we are alive and not in prison somewhere, then we have a choice.

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Do You Know?

Do you know
What you have
if you have it
A place to call home
Somewhere to feel safe
To know you can speak
Without judgement?

Do you know what you have if you have it
A friend who understands without complaint
A hand, a shoulder, an ear?

Do you know what you have when you have it

A smile just for you
A look of unconditional love

Do you know?

Do you know what you have
If you have it
An open mind
A giving heart
A forgiving spirit?

Do you know
What treasure what gold
Do you know
what wealth
You have if you have it
When you wish well
For all
Without prejudice
Without malice
Without thought
That you have not
What they have?

Do you know?











thank you to all my writer buddies over @creative writers league. You inspire me anew every time we meet.


And thank you to all of you who read my words from Kenya to the U.K and Malaysia by way of the UAE, Belgium and Atlanta and all the way in between. I appreciate you.❤️


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