More Rules To Change Your Life By

A piece of cake with tea in a cup. Life rule treat yourself as a VIP, have your cake and eat it without guilt.

You are probably thinking: “what, is this school?! What’s with all the life rules?!”

Well, life is unpredictable as the events of 2020 have shown us. It helps when there is a code of conduct- some life rules to live by- to put things into perspective;  help sift the madness from the reality.

It’s all about up leveling your life.

Let’s face it. Every one of us wants to uplevel our life and we pretty much know how to go about it. We know which life rules to follow. We have been told countless times that you must have a positive mindset, never give up, take care of your health and have your tribe by your side if your life is to go in the direction you want it to.

But  I have found that there is more- certain, subtle, and perhaps less discussed life rules that will cause big shifts and change your life for the better.

Set things straight as soon as they go crooked.

Sweep up shards as soon as glass breaks. Now, while I don’t mean this literally, it is wise to sweep up broken glass before somebody gets hurt.

Make a habit of taking care of something as soon as it gets broken. Whether it is to literally pick up the pieces and throw them away; or to repair an appliance. Or to handle a real life problem or a task before it snowballs into a huge pile of tough life or death decisions.

Setting things right as soon as they go crooked includes picking up after yourself. Wash your cup as soon as you are done drinking your tea. Don’t leave it for Mum, honey or the househelp.
Solve a problem as soon as it comes up whether it is a relationship, a work issue or a blinking tube light.

Ignoring a matter can lead it to fester and steadily get worse. Clearing up our own messes saves  time and much heartbreak later.

Taking care of your affairs will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment, raise your self esteem and motivate you towards greater heights.

Do what is expected of you.

This does not mean you have to be predictable, unoriginal, a photocopy of others, a yes person without an opinion.
What I do mean is that you do what is expected of you as a sane responsible (adult) human being. Which means you show up when and where you are supposed to, pay your bills, complete your work projects, school assignments and/or societal responsibilities.

You are part of a community and each part must play its role. Deciding that you will not do so causes matters to go off balance.

Going all in with what is expected of you will gain you rewards; people will acknowledge your reliability as well as your dependability. Your conscience will be clear. Many doors of opportunity will open up for you.

Do everything like everyone is watching.

Even if they are not.

How you do something is how you do everything. Undertake everything you do with love, care and concern. Leave halfheartedness to those who could not care less.

Making your bed? Do it the way it is done in five star hotels.
Working on a school project? Give it your all! Making a meal for your family? Do it with love and flair!
Representing your company at an event? Make them and yourself proud!

Committing one hundred percent to the things that matter in life will give you enormous satisfaction and a heartwarming sense of accomplishment. Even the mundane stuff like housework will seem less tedious and boring.

Be (at least) five minutes early.

If you take away nothing from this list but this you will be miles ahead of others. Again, you can take this literally or not.
Being early is not the same as being on time although both are commendable. Being early takes a lot of commitment, grit and saying many difficult NOs.
Getting to work, school, religious duties, appointments, or even putting breakfast on the table requires you to be careful with how you plan and use your time. It requires you to look at the important and the priorities in your life.
To get somewhere earlier than expected, you need to have a certain wisdom and logic to consider what you need to do to make that happen.  It needs you to plan in advance, say NO to noise and distraction.

You will need to anticipate things like your child crying as you leave, a sudden traffic bottleneck due to an accident and other possible holdups.

Whatever is the case, being early- by even as little as five minutes- is an indicator of how committed you are to something. Or how much respect you have for the issue, person or task at hand.

Treat yourself like a VIP

Because you are. You are the main character in the story of your life. Or as we used to say when we were little you are the “actor” 🙂

So wear that fancy watch just because; put up your home as if it were Eid or a special person were coming to visit. Serve yourself on those nice dinner plates; put on that wow dress you had made- what are you waiting for? When you look good you feel great!

The moment is now. Don’t postpone happiness or elegance. Treat yourself well. Treat yourself period. Have that cake and eat it without guilt.

A piece of cake with tea in a cup. Life rule treat yourself as a VIP, have your cake and eat it without guilt.
Treat yourself like a VIP.  Have your cake and eat it without guilt. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.

Treating yourself like a VIP will do wonders for your self esteem. And it will show others how to treat you.

It’s All Good

You may be thinking that we can’t sum up and navigate through all of life’s adventures, challenges and demands by simply following certain rules.

Who says we can’t?

Because we also cannot keep a clear logical head capable of meeting issues head on without them. Being dependable unshakeable people worthy of being called that requires a toolbox of core values, dos and don’ts.

There is nothing in life that is insurmountable-there is always a way.  In this troubling time in our history we need every happy positive thought that we can grab on to. There is always hope.

Be Blessed. Stay safe and Stay together.



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