Sometimes we are afraid to start on a dream or a goal because the road ahead seems so daunting and the task ahead so monumental.

Write a book? (Where do I even begin?)

Lose 10 kilograms of weight? (It will be months before I reach my target!)

Start my own business? (What do I even know about entrepreneurship?)

Enrol for adult education? (At this age?)

We second guess ourselves.” Maybe I don’t really want this” because we are afraid. And before we know it we give up before we have even begun.

I am here to tell you that it does not have to be that way.

I was crossing over to the mainland from Mombasa the other day and as we headed west the billboard opposite caught my attention.


I was so taken up by it  that I just had to share it.

Starting small.

No one climbs a tree from the top- unless a helicopter drops you there:-)

No baby walks before he can crawl.

The journey might be long but it is oh so worth it.

Waiting until everything is perfect or until you are ready will have you wasting your potential and your time.

No one ever feels ready because there will always be issues that require your attention and your time.

Then there is this other thing- we are afraid to be seen starting small. We look at those who are so far ahead of us who are where we want to be and we feel demoralised. But here is the thing. If we do not start now- today- we will find that they will be even much further ahead.

Besides, this is not about them. It is about you.

Remember the quote that says ‘this time next year you will wish you had started today’ Do you want to be sitting in the beginning of October 2019 not a step further towards your goal or dream than you were twelve months previously?

There is nothing wrong with starting small. At least it’s a start.

So go ahead. Have faith in yourself and take that all important first step!

Losing weight? Start by drinking more water to replace that soda.

That business idea? Raise your chin and pitch it to someone!

The book? Begin with the first sentence or the first word even.

Signing up for the class? …….uhh…That’s why it’s called adult education. Do it!


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I am a mother of three, born and bred in Mombasa, Kenya. I am passionate about books, writing, healthy living and getting people to see the best of themselves. Especially getting people to see the best of themselves.

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