Self Worth- How Not to Measure It

Hand holding notes. Your self worth is not equal to your networth.

Our sense of self worth raises and drops depending on many factors on any given day. Factors that have no business dictating our self worth in the first place.

Can you relate to the cases below?

[He opens the bank statement and frowns- there have been far more withdrawals than deposits this month.

His shoulders droop, he feels deflated and demoralized. He realises the more zeros there are at the end of the balance the happier and more buoyed he feels.

She steps on the bathroom scales and frowns.  Even after all the desserts she has given up she has still gained a kilo.  She feels let down and demoralized.]

I have spoken elsewhere on this blog about worthiness. Nevertheless, I feel it bears repeating because we are constantly being bombarded by images and information that make us feel less than.

So let me ask you: how much do you think you are worth?

Many of us would probably answer this question with: “well, I have this rental property I get a good sum from” or  “Let’s see, there is that gold jewellery set made for my wedding” or “I have some investments that are paying great dividends…”

No. What are you really worth? Maybe we should backtrack a bit. How do we measure self worth? How do you measure self worth?

As you think about your answer let me tell you how NOT to measure your self worth.

Don’t measure your self worth by what you do.

When you meet someone you haven’t seen in a while and he asks you where you are these days: don’t tell him you are working for such and such a company or that you have started your own business.

Indeed I have often wondered what it is the questioner is hoping you will tell him in reply to that.

You are not what you do.

Your worth is not defined by your day job or your designation. Your worth is not directly proportional to your career.

What happens when you lose the source of your livelihood?

Do you become less of a human being?


You also can’t measure your self worth by how much money you make

Companies go out of business and banks collapse. Your self worth is not equal to your net worth.

Hand holding notes. Your self worth is not equal to your networth.
Your self worth is not measured by how much or how little money you make. Photo courtesy of Unsplash

How many dollars in the account does not define what kind of human being you are; what stuff you are made of.


Your Looks Do not Consist Your Self Worth.

So you don’t have six pack abs or the complexion of a Korean woman. You are vertically challenged, you are losing your hair and you are not as fit as you used to be.

Are you less worthy?


Conquered and Accomplished

You win medals and awards and accolades. People applaud you, they compliment you.

While this may add to your self esteem it should also not be what you base your self worth on.


You are not who you know or who your family is either. You are you.


So then you may ask- what is your measure as a person? What signals your self worth?


Your measure as a person, your worthiness as a human being comes from your Creator. It comes from what you stand for, your word, your integrity, your honesty, your compassion.

You are worthy and deserving. What makes you better than others in the sight of God isn’t your wealth, your looks, your lineage, your title.

What makes you better than others is how willing you are to grow closer to your Lord and Creator to whom we all shall return.

Verily, Allah does not look at your appearance or wealth, but rather He looks at your hearts and actions.”     

     ~ The Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him

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