Money Beliefs That We Need to Rethink.

An open case of dollar notes; our beliefs about money need to change

I had to rethink my money beliefs when, more often than not, there was more month left over than there was money. What was I saying to myself about money?

Curious, I wondered what others were saying about it? I sought to find out by listening and when possible, asking people their views about it.

There is nothing that people are more sensitive about than money. Ask random people on the street about their money beliefs and you will get different answers.

They will complain they have too little of it. Lament that it corrupts; they will be convinced it is the mother of most if not all evil. You will hear that people kill for it; sell their souls for it; work themselves to the bone to acquire it. You will hear other people’s money beliefs being criticized.

But, regardless of what your own money beliefs are, it doesn’t change the fact that money is neutral.

It is just a means with which to acquire life’s comforts, conveniences and settle some of its concerns.

We badmouth it so often it is no wonder money often leaves as soon as it arrives. Our money beliefs are so medieval it is a wonder that we still sell our time and skills in exchange for it. I believe it is about time we let go of:

The Belief that Money Corrupts.

Money is an instrument of exchange. It can’t corrupt you. Not unless you allow it. Whether YOU let go of your values and principles or stick to them in your desire for money is entirely up to YOU.  YOU get to decide- YOU make the choice to let your acquisition of it change you.

Nothing can steer you away from your integrity unless you allow it to. YOU are the one in control.

” A wise person should have money in their head and not in their heart.” Jonathan Swift, Anglo-Irish poet and essayist(1667-1745)


Money Belief Two: Whoever has money acquired it mostly through dubious means.

What you are telling yourself, essentially, is that wealth only comes through dirty means. That itself has made you guilty of judging all wealthy people as dishonest, greedy and criminal. And you certainly don’t want to be that kind of human being.

When you believe that money is only gotten through immoral ways, you are really saying that you don’t want to be that kind of person.

I personally know of a few people who actively hate rich people. They roll their eyes at them, dismiss their opinions and call them delusional. They scoff at their parenting, belittle their contribution and are all in all jerks to them.

But, are all “poor” people honest?

There were numerous righteous people in the history of mankind who were billionaires. A young man I know wrote a whole book about one.


Three: There is never enough.

This is another money belief that we must consider throwing out.

Somehow when it comes to money everyone- wealthy or not; claims they don’t have enough. For as long as we are never grateful for how much or (how little) we have (depending on the half full half empty glass analogy ) then no matter how much is in our pockets, vaults or coffers we are never going to be satisfied.

And the money will have no blessing.

” If you give thanks, I will give you more.”

The Quraan Chapter 14 Verse 7


Money Belief  Four: Only “rich” people should contribute or donate.

Not true.

Everyone has something to give. Your Kshs10 is just as worthy and welcome as the next person’s Ksh100,000. Being stingy and hard hearted is not helping your cause. Share. Give. As hard it is to think of doing so when you are in a “tight” situation, sharing could be the key to your abundance. There is always someone in more need than you.


Five: It is wrong to declare or “admit” that you want to get wealthy.

For as long as you are not oppressing the rights of God or any of His creatures then no one has the right to judge you. Go for it. If anyone asked those who judge if they would like the same they would secretly admit they also want money-and lots of it.

An open case of dollar notes; our beliefs about money need to change
Money is not evil or good. We decide what use we will put it to.                                                  Photo Courtesy of Pexels


Number Six: Money does not grow on trees.

Ok, so maybe it does not literally grow on trees but the God who made the heavens and earth He is a Generous and Giving God.

All you have to do is believe He will Bless you and that He will answer your call to Him. Work honestly, use your wits and wait to see the miracles unfold in your life.


Number Seven: Money cannot buy happiness.

That might be true to some extent but try telling that to a person who has been evicted out of his home for non payment of rent; or whose child has been thrown out of school for lack of fees or to someone whose deceased mother cannot be released from hospital until the bill is settled (an extreme case I know but you all get the point) try telling that to a parent whose child stays hungry at school because he cannot afford to eat.

Pic of sad cartoon people being evicted. Money might not buy you happiness but it repays the rent
Happiness is the ability to pay rent.
Photo Courtesy of


So yes money might not be able to buy happiness but it sure takes care of a lot of life’s troubles.
Can a person be happy without money? Of course. It’s all in the mindset but to dismiss money as not playing any role is to fool ourselves.


Belief Number Eight: “Mwenye pesa si mwenzako”

Meaning a wealthy person is not the same as you. Meaning he cannot know your problems or your struggles.
That is blanket stereotyping. Refer to number one above. There are numerous wealthy people around the world who care for others and regularly undertake projects to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Our own hero is a shining example of that.


There is so much good we can do when the resources meet our needs. I am neither a millionaire nor am I a financial consultant. I am simply someone who has experienced first hand what it is like to be backed into a nasty corner. One that we could have easily gotten out of if we had had the cash to throw at it.


Do yourself a favor today. Tell yourself you deserve abundance. And then earnestly ask your Lord for it.

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